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How it works

Welcome to Credit Munchie

Here at Credit Munchie we are dedicated to helping you boost your credit score by providing you with eligible loans offers to help you establish some good payment history on your credit reports.

It’s no secret that the more on time payments and open account that you have help tremendously with your credit score and Fico Score. So here at credit munchie we want to provide you with as many options as possible to establish and build credit. Best part of all, it’s all free!!

Here’s how to get started.

-Step One-

First give us a call to receive your FREE Fico Score and see where you stand. Then scroll down and select the option for your Fico score and get a list of available loan options for your Fico score.

(833) 688-1519

-Step Two-

Once you have received your FREE Fico Score, just click on the link that your Fico score falls within and you will see a list of eligible loan offers that can help you boost your score. It’s that easy!!

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